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Last Minute


LAST MINUTE (2007) is an installation of live-size figures. All reach out to something that is beyond our sight. An eternal desire or the reaching out for the ungraspable is the main theme of this work. Music and moving pictures are the ethereal counterparts of the tactile static sculptures.

-The motive that is ground for making this installation has been the experience of seeing the gesso-casts of vulcano victims in Pompei, Italy. Fear of dying and the urge to stay alive have been melted in these casts unto an eternal fixed posure in the last moment of their lives. Seeing these casts gave me the impulse to give form to the question what it is that men are reaching out for in their lives.-


The 5 figures in the installation form a series, an upward trend in the life cycle, from newborn to dying. The spectator takes over in the hall on the ground, as if he were the last figure in line, and lying on a mattress he can play a DVD. In this LAST MINUTE he meets the reversal of the cycle after which everything begins anew.