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absent cloud (Casa del Viento)


LICHT OP STEEN (Light on Stone)

Sculpture-symposium at HaZart, Soest, september 2019


During this symposium, where 10 stonesculptors from Utrecht participated, I have made this piece:


‘Absent Cloud or Casa del Viento’


The contradiction between the cube and the sphere, either mathematical versus organical.

Interior space, negative form. Light in the stone, segments and Cloud.

Al those theme’s that fascinate me, have coincided during this symposium.

Two cubes, óne white, óne red, piled up as if together they were a cut from the sky and the earth. The cloud disappeared, I took it out. In this way the outer shape, the cube, emphasises the organic negative form, the cloud. The thin air here a block of Portugese marble. The red Iranian Travertine the earth. I wanted to bring the light into the stone, through winding corridors, reflecting on sides and bottom. A labyrinth it has become. I would like to crawl inside like a spider, and enter all these corridors and rooms, and enjoy the sun on the Gaudian balcony. That’s how it became a house as well. The house of the wind. If you listen carefully you will hear him whistling in the corridors.



Portugese Marble

& Iranian Travertine

50h x 25 x 25 cm





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