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four memorial plaquettes for the PYRAMIDE VAN AUSTERLITZ

copies of originals


Belgian Blackstone (lime)
3 plaquettes of 200x100x10 cm
1 plaquette of 250x125x10 cm

Hand-chiseled letters
Woudenberg, 2003/2004


The pyramid of Austerlitz (in the forests around Zeist-Holland) was erected by troups of french and batavian (dutch) militaries in the year 1804.

Those troupes had installed a particular camp to exercise and prepare themselves for a war against England (that never occurred).

The building of the pyramid was a kind of mean to keep occupied the thousands of men. In the meanwhile it trained their skills and social spirit.

The first plaquette tells us that the pyramid was erected to honour the french emperor Napoleon.
The second tells us about Napoleons victories,
The third memorates his benevolent projects and the fourth sums up all the names of the officers, their batallions and compagnies who participated the erection of the pyramid (made of heather sods). Particular is the memoration of the intens love and dedication the men offered to the work and in what time the work was achieved.

A historical document.