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Arie Molenkamp-Award


The Arie Molenkamp-Award (AMA) is initiated by the VRO (society of Register Operational Accountants).

It is an homage to the person Arie Molenkamp who started the development of internal Auditing in The Nederlands as much as an homage to the students in this field who - contributed in a particular valuable way to the development of this discipline-.


The design for the AMA was based upon a conversation I had with Arie Molenkamp; -organic structure, current of incoming informatie and energy inside the organisation and openness to the outside world-, these were keywords of his explanation of internal auditing.

Hearing these words I had to think of an organic entity like a tree, which exchanges as well with the visula as to the unvisible underground world. If you come to look at the whole you will see a kind of compleet globe whose structure is able to receive input aswell as to give an output to the outer world. I took a global form and worked it out to an open organic structure, polished at the outside and intriguing but visible at its core.


Type of work: Organic form / Award

Materials: Bronze

Technique: Cast

Dimensions (cm): ø 12

Realized: 2002

Availability: Sold and reproducible