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The idea of the Cloud that had come up in Sweden had a follow-up in this sculpture, the same search for the soul of the material; making visible the core of the matter; bringing light and air into the heavy and black material, suggesting mobility, not only by form but certainly not less by the play of light and shadows in the organically carved openings. The name Ayre for this sculpture came up after it was finished.

The word Ayre refers to a sung melody (Aria) and early European music. The literal translation (air) obviously is connected to the cloud-theme, but not less to the vibrations in the air that we experience as music. The professional musicality of my clients is thus reflected in this sculpture.


Type of work: Organic form / Statuary

Materials: Sculpture in Swedish Diabas

Pedestal in green Dolomite

Technique: Carved in stone by hand

Dimensions (cm); Sculpture:  H60 x W30 x D45

Pedestal: H100 x W20 x D20

Realized: 2015

Location:  Arnhem, NL

Availability: Sold